Avis Car Rental Instructions


Avis has extented to us one of their best discounts. You may call Avis at 800-230-4898 and give them the discount code "D006413" (those are zeros in case you wondering). or you may CLICK HERE to make your reservation online. NOTE: You must be sure this code is in the AWD field before submitting your online reservation to get the discount.


1. We encougage you to get an AVIS PREFERRED number. This normally allows you to go directly to the car without stopping at the airport counter. Often the bus will deliver you directly to the car without stopping at any counter. This allows much faster processing through the airports when we travel. The first time you use your preferred number you will need to sign a contract. Click here to sign up for a preferred number. Do not enter our discount number when setting up your preferred status. You will only use it when making reservations.

2. You do not need a preferred number to use our discount number. Your preferred number just speeds up your process through the airport. We ask all our drivers to set up a preferred numbers so players can get through the airports as quickly as possible.  

3. When we arrive at an airport we will go directly to the Avis bus or preferred counter. Your reservation with keys, contract, and local map will be waiting either at the preferred counter or in the car. Check out will often be at a security gate when you depart the parking lot.

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