Oct 27
Player/Parent Team Info Mtg (Pot Luck)
2:00pm for younger teams, 5:30pm for older teams
Oct 30
On-the-Court Coaches Training
6:30-9:30pm for All Skyline Coaches
Nov 3
First Week of Practices for 10s-14s Team
some teams in leagues may start practices sooner
Nov 20
Scorekeeper Clinics
6:30pm & 7:30pm: click here to RSVP a spot
Dec 2
First Week of Practices for 15s-18s Team
Dec 15
College Recruiting Seminar
5:30pm for Parents and Athletes
Dec 20-Jan 2
Christmas Break
No mandatory team practices during this time
Dec 30-31
Hitting & Setting Camps
Jan 1-2
Defense Camp
Jan 3-5
2/day Training
5 team practices in 3 days